Do pharmacies accept Care Credit?

Q. Can I use my Care Credit card at my pharmacy to pay for prescriptions or other medical needs?

Adam answers:

If you use Rite Aid, yes. If you go to another pharmacy, no.

Care Credit exists as a way for you to make payments to a medical Continue reading

Do food stamps roll over?

Q. If I don’t use all my food stamp money in one month, does the money I didn’t use roll over to the next month?

Adam answers:


Any money on your EBT card that you don’t use will carry over to Continue reading

When are FPL peak hours?

Q. What does FPL consider peak hours for electricity usage for those paying Time Of Use rates?

Adam answers:

FPL’s peak rates are different depending on the time of year: Continue reading

Does Miracle-Gro expire?

Q. If I’ve had Miracle Gro sitting around a long time, does it expire? I don’t see an expiration date.

Adam answers:

According to Scotts, the maker of Miracle-Gro, it has an indefinite shelf life, Continue reading

Does Target accept PayPal?

Q. Can I use PayPal to pay at Target?

Adam answers:

If you mean using PayPal online at, the answer is yes. If you mean using it in a Target store, the answer is no. While some retailers have started accepting PayPal even inside their stores, at this point Target will only take PayPal as payment online.
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