Does Facebook have a customer service phone number?

Q. How do I call Facebook for customer service help?

Adam answers:

You can’t.

Facebook does have a phone number — 650-543-4800 — but it does not offer customer service help. Calling on the telephone just leads to a message to go to the Facebook site for customer service.
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Does Bank of America have free checking?

Q. Can I get free checking from Bank of America, or do all their checking accounts have fees?

Adam answers:

If you’re a student, yes. Otherwise, there is no totally free checking option from Bank of America. However, there are multiple ways to avoid Bank of America’s monthly checking account fees: Continue reading

Do pharmacies accept Care Credit?

Q. Can I use my Care Credit card at my pharmacy to pay for prescriptions or other medical needs?

Adam answers:

That depends on the pharmacy. You can use Care Credit at Walgreens pharmacies, Walmart pharmacies, Sam’s Club pharmacies, Rite Aid pharmacies, and Duane Reade pharmacies. If you go to another pharmacy, no.

Care Credit initially existed as a way for you to make payments to a medical Continue reading

Does the Toyota 4Runner have 3rd row seating?

Q. Does the Toyota 4Runner have three rows of seats? How many passengers can it carry?

Adam answers:

The three main 2019 Toyota 4Runner models (the SR5, the SR5 Premium, and the Limited) offer third row seating as an option, but it is not a standard feature of any 4Runner. When a 3rd row is present, the 4Runner will seat 7 passengers.
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Does Miracle-Gro expire?

Q. If I’ve had Miracle Gro sitting around a long time, does it expire? I don’t see an expiration date.

Adam answers:

According to Scotts, the maker of Miracle-Gro, it has an indefinite shelf life, Continue reading

Which Avengers Movie Was Filmed in Cleveland?

Q. Which of the Avengers movies was filmed in Cleveland?

Adam answers:

Captain America: The Winter Soldier was partially filmed in Cleveland.

Scenes in the movie filmed in Cleveland include the chase/fight scene filmed on the West Shoreway and the mall scene filmed inside Tower City (Terminal Tower), which includes a kiss between Captain America and Black Widow.
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