Does Miracle-Gro expire?

Q. If I’ve had Miracle Gro sitting around a long time, does it expire? I don’t see an expiration date.

Adam answers:

According to Scotts, the maker of Miracle-Gro, it has an indefinite shelf life, Continue reading

Do pharmacies accept Care Credit?

Q. Can I use my Care Credit card at my pharmacy to pay for prescriptions or other medical needs?

Adam answers:

If you use Rite Aid, yes. If you go to another pharmacy, no.

Care Credit exists as a way for you to make payments to a medical Continue reading

What’s the difference between computer science and computer engineering?

Q. Are computer science and computer engineering the same thing? If not, what’s the difference?

Adam answers:

They are not the same thing, although there is a ton of overlap when it comes to the courses of study you will take to get a degree in either one.

The short answer to the difference between the two is:

  • Computer Science = Programming/Software
  • Computer Engineering = Hardware

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Does Goodwill take credit cards?

Q. Can I pay at a Goodwill store with my credit card?

Adam answers:

In most cases, yes. Most Goodwill stores do take credit cards, though some only take Visa or MasterCard, not American Express or Discover.
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How do I convert grams to teaspoons?

Q. How many grams are in a teaspoon?

Adam answers:

This is a more difficult question than you might think. Why? Because a teaspoon is technically not a unit of weight like a gram is. It is more of an amount, or, more precisely, a volume.
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