Do you tip house painters?

Q. I’m having painting done at my house. Is it standard to tip the house painters?

Adam answers:

I have no definitive answer to this one, but I will weigh in and you can blame me if your house painter expected a tip and didn’t get one.

In general, I would say no, you do not need to tip your house painter. In most cases, your house painter is the owner or one of the owners of the company doing the painting, so he/she has already figured in a good profit into the cost of the service. It makes no sense to give extra money on top of that.

The only time I would consider tipping a house painter or a painting crew is if I knew they were not the owners, in which case I might give those individuals a tip on a big project. Maybe $20 per person — anything less and you might as well not tip at all, anything more and you’re going overboard.