Does AARP Medicare Complete cover dental?

Q. Do AARP Medicare Complete plans have dental coverage?

Adam answers:

Not as part of the basic coverage. However, for an additional fee (which we saw quoted at a cost of $34 per month but could be different for you) dental coverage is available as part of a “Dental Platinum Rider”.

You can see all the Deluxe Rider benefits here, but this extra coverage gives you (quoted from the link above):

  • 100% coverage (deductible does not apply) for preventive and diagnostic services such as oral exams, X-rays and routine cleanings
  • 80% coverage for the most common dental procedures, including fillings and filling restoration
  • 50% coverage for major services such as crowns, dentures, root canals and oral surgery
  • $100 annual deductible, $1,000 calendar year maximum
  • Freedom to see any dentist you choose (though in-network dentists are cheaper)