Does Goodwill take credit cards?

Q. Can I pay at a Goodwill store with my credit card?

Adam answers:

In most cases, yes. Most Goodwill stores do take credit cards, though some only take Visa or MasterCard, not American Express or Discover.

The reason this question can’t be answered for certain concerning all Goodwill stores is that Goodwill is not one single organization with the same policies everywhere. Regional Goodwill organizations are all “members” of the larger Goodwill network, but they are also autonomous non-profit organizations in their own right, and they have the power to make certain policy decisions on their own, including what forms of payment to accept.

So, the only way to know for sure if a specific Goodwill store takes credit cards is to give them a call. You can use the Goodwill Store Locator to find your nearest Goodwill stores, and then contact them for an answer.