Does Goodwill take used socks?

Q. Can I donate used socks to Goodwill? Will they accept them?

Adam answers:

Technically, yes.

Goodwill will take any used clothing you care to donate, including socks and even underwear. However, they ask that donated clothing be clean, unsoiled, and in good condition.

So, if you donate a bunch of old socks full of holes or socks that are half black on the bottoms from being worn so many times, Goodwill probably won’t want them. (Actually they’ll probably accept them because they want to encourage you to keep donating to Goodwill but will then pitch your unacceptable items in the trash later on.)

In addition, note that even clean socks will probably not be resold within a Goodwill store unless they are unworn in the original packaging. Instead, they will probably be bulk recycled with other donated clothing that Goodwill can’t re-sell for whatever reason.