How do email fax services work?

Q. How do email fax services send faxes to e-mails or send e-mail to fax? I don’t understand.

Adam answers:

As long as fax machines persist, the problem of sending or receiving faxes if you don’t have a fax machine will continue. To solve the problem, various email fax services and software have sprung up that provide a bridge between e-mailing and faxing.

If you want to receive a fax, you can use a service that gives you a virtual fax number. You give out that fax number and when faxes get sent to the number, you get them as e-mails with the fax attached. Just open the e-mail attachment to see your fax. (Some services may require you to log on to an online account to pick up your faxes.)

You can also use these services to send to a fax number. You simply type in the phone number of the fax machine and attach the document you want to fax, and the service sends it along. In this way, it is almost identical to sending an e-mail with an attachment. (Note that if you need to fax a document that is not on your computer, you will need to scan the document into your computer first or otherwise get it put on your computer electronically so you can send it as a fax.)