Is Route 66 closed?

Q. Is Route 66 still there? Or did they get rid of it?

Adam answers:

U.S. Route 66 does not exist in its original form. However, many parts of Route 66 are still in use as state or local roads, and in many areas you will see signs that say “Historic Route 66” to show that the road you are on was once part of the original Route 66.

Route 66, opened in the late 1920s, connected Chicago to Los Angeles, a highway of over 2,000 miles. Besides being a continuous road linking those large cities, it also gave many rural areas access to a highway, making it easier to travel between cities along the route.

In the 1950s, however, plans for an interstate highway system (such as we have today) were developed, with the idea of offering routes with straighter, shorter distances between points, and with higher speeds possible. In some cases, the interstate followed the path of Route 66, but in many cases Route 66 was bypassed, and eventually those sections would be used for other purposes locally. In some cases, the road was simply abandoned.

Route 66 was removed as part of the U.S. Highway System in 1985, but you can still find many sections alive today if you want to go out and get your kicks.