Is the post office open on Sunday?

Q. Are there any USPS locations open on Sundays?

Adam answers:

Yes, but not many.

The best way to find a local post office that is open on Sunday is to:

  1. Visit!input.action, which is the USPS post office locator.
  2. You’ll see a drop-down box on the left side. Click on that box, and when you see a list of selections, choose “Post Offices”.
  3. Underneath that drop-down box you’ll see “Refine search” with a little blue arrow next to it. Click on that arrow.
  4. A number of items should appear with blank boxes next to them. In the first column you’ll see “Sunday Hours”. Click on the check box next to it.
  5. Now, enter your zip code in the middle box near the top of the page, the one that says “*City and State, or Zip Code”.
  6. Now, go to the drop-down box on the right side that says “Within” and choose how far you’ll willing to search to find a post office open on Sunday. Twenty miles is the default choice, but you can search up to 100 miles away.
  7. Once you’ve done all, that blue “Search” button should appear. Click on it and a list of USPS post offices open on Sunday will appear.