What is the highest credit score possible?

Q. What is a perfect credit score?

Adam answers:

850 is the highest possible credit score.

FICO credit scores are generally considered the industry standard; however, there is a competing credit scoring system called VantageScore which some lenders use as well. The 2 credit scoring agencies used to have different scales, so the “highest” score was different at each, but now they both use the same scale, with 850 as the best score you can get, and 300 the worst credit score. (Most people obviously fall in between the two.)

Technically FICO offers multiple credit score formulas for different types of loans, so there are actually credit scoring models that go above 850, but these scores are not ones that you will be shown when you apply for credit cards or other loans. The scoring model that tops out at 850 is almost always what you will see.