What is the NetZero customer service phone number?

Q. How do I reach NetZero customer service by phone?

Adam answers:

It depends on what NetZero service you have:

  • If you have NetZero dialup service, the billing and account service telephone number is 1-866-841-1442. If you need technical support related to your service, the number is 1-877-912-5866. (Note that there is a $1.95-per-minute fee for using technical support if you are a dialup customer.)
  • If you have NetZero DSL, the customer service phone number for all questions is 1-866-810-8092.
  • If you have NetZero Mobile Broadband 4G Stick or 4G HotSpot service, or Home Wireless Broadband, the customer service telephone number is 1-800-939-8647.

See this NetZero page for other customer service options.