What is the Verizon bill payment address?

verizon-logocheckQ. Where do I send my Verizon bill payment?

Adam answers:

Verizon has multiple payment addresses depending on where you live, so I can’t answer that definitively. However, below are the Verizon payment addresses. Yours is probably the one closest to you. You can also go to this page and look under “Payment Address” to find the payment address locator that lets you insert your zip code to get the correct address.

Verizon payment addresses include:

Verizon Wireless
P.O. Box 15023
Worcester, MA 01615-0023

Verizon Wireless
P.O. Box 408
Newark, NJ 07101-0408

Verizon Wireless
P.O. Box 15062
Albany, NY 12212-5062

Verizon Wireless
P.O. Box 660108
Dallas, TX 75266-0108