When is Amazon Prime Day?

Q. What date or dates is Amazon Prime Day?

Adam answers:

The actual dates for Amazon Prime Day have not been announced for 2019, but based on past history, it is very likely that Prime Day 2019 will occur on July 15 & 16, 2019. (The last two Prime “Days” have been longer than 24 hours, so Prime Day is likely to continue to stretch over two days going forward.)

This will be the fifth year for Amazon Prime Day and it has always occurred in the middle of July. Specifically, here is the past history of Amazon Prime Days:

  • 2018: July 16 & 17 (Prime “Day” expanded to 36 hours, beginning at noon PST on Monday, July 16 and going through midnight of Tuesday, July 17.)
  • 2017: July 10 & 11 (Prime “Day” expanded to be 30 hours long, beginning at 6PM PST on Monday, July 10 and running through all of Tuesday, July 11.)
  • 2016: July 12 (Tuesday)
  • 2015: July 15 (Wednesday)