Which beers are gluten free?

gluten-free-beerQ. How do I figure out which beers are gluten free?

Adam answers:

Well, most beers do contain gluten, so unless a beer makes a point of saying it is gluten-free on the label, you should assume that it is not.

The FDA standard for labeling a food “gluten-free” is less than 20 parts per million of gluten, meaning that some foods made with wheat, rye or barley can be labeled gluten-free if they have been processed to remove the gluten down to that level. Many gluten-free beers meet the standard due to the removal of gluten, but brewers tend to call their beers gluten-reduced instead of gluten-free to reflect the methods they’ve used to reach the FDA standard.

That said, here is a list of gluten-free/gluen-reduced beers, starting with gluten-free offerings from brands you might know and then moving on to other options that might be a bit more difficult to locate:

  • RedBridge – A fully gluten-free beer made with sorghum instead of barley. By Anheuser-Busch.
  • Corona*** – Corona is not labeled gluten-free and makes no claims to be (it does brew with barley), but it has been tested by various sources and found to be under the 20 parts per million threshold. Proceed with caution if you are celiac or allergic.
  • Dogfish Head Tweason’ale – Gluten-free beer brewed with sorghum instead of barley. Availability may be limited.
  • Omission Beers – All this brewer’s beers are “crafted to remove gluten.”
  • Stone Delicious IPA – “Gluten-reduced” IPA from this well-known craft brewer.
  • New Belgium Glutiny – Golden ale or pale ale “crafted to reduce gluten.”
  • Lakefront Brewery New Grist – Claimed to be the first gluten-free beer “granted label approval by the US Government,” this pilsner from Michigan may not be available everywhere.
  • Ipswich Celia Saison – Gluten-free beer from this Boston brewery may not be easy to get your hands on if you live outside of New England.
  • Bard’s – Craft sorghum malt beer is gluten-free with no wheat, rye, barley or oats.
  • Ground Breaker Brewing – Gluten-free line of beers uses no barley, wheat or rye.