Which Kansas City is bigger?

Q. Which is bigger — Kansas City, Kansas or Kansas City, Missouri?

Adam answers:

Kansas City, Missouri is the bigger of the two, with a population of over 450,000, while Kansas City, Kansas (sometimes referred to as “KCK”) has a population of around 140,000. When people refer to Kansas City, they are usually referring to the city in Missouri, and the professional sports teams the Kansas City Royals and the Kansas City Chiefs play in Kansas City, Missouri. While those in KCK may dispute this, Kansas City, Kansas is essentially a suburb of Kansas City, Missouri.

In case you were wondering, Kansas City, Missouri was the first of the two to exist under that name. Kansas City, Kansas was actually formed by combining multiple smaller towns and giving the new city the name Kansas City — hoping to ride on the coattails of the successful, growing city across the state line.