Which UPS packages require a signature?

Q. How do I know if a package being shipped will require a signature to be delivered?

Adam answers:

This question is more difficult to answer than you might expect. Some packages require a signature based on the wishes of the sender — in this case, if you use UPS tracking, you will be able to see that a signature is required. If you don’t want to have to sign, there should be a link under the “Special Instructions” heading that allows you to tell UPS that you want the package left without a signature.

However, the UPS driver still makes the ultimate decision about whether or not to leave a package without a signature. Even if you’ve instructed the driver to leave the package, he or she may require a signature based on where you live. For example, certain neighborhoods or addresses with a history of packages being reported as stolen may require a signature, or apartment buildings or condos where mail is left in a common area might also cause a driver to require a signature.