Who is Adam?

I’m Adam Jusko, the Adam in Adam Answers. I’ve been alive a pretty long time and have learned a lot of stuff, and this site is where I answer anything I know the answer to. Sometimes I go find the answer if I don’t already know it.

For most of my career I have been a business writer of one sort of another, writing about everything from the credit card industry to aeronautical test equipment to industrial parts to fast food breakfast sandwiches. I believe I’ve had the ability to boil down complex answers into layman’s terms that people can understand. And if an answer is simple, I try to keep it that way. Hopefully you’ll find that the answers here allow you to get in and get out in a hurry.

Unlike other sites that promise you answers, Adam Answers is not crowd-sourced with user-generated answers of questionable accuracy. I answer the questions myself after thorough research. Well, at least some research. I usually get it right.

If you disagree with one of my answers or just want to shoot the breeze, e-mail me at adam@adamanswers.com.